Your guide to racing season beauty prep A day trackside has it all: champagne, fashion, sun

by | Apr 6, 2021

A day trackside has it all: champagne, fashion, sun and handsome men in suits. Follow our guide for perfect race-day chic…


Racing season: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got to put in the prep-work. Three days out – it’s all about the tan. You want your skin to be in the best possible condition for legs-baring extravaganza that is racing week. MoroccanTan’s Instant Tanning Range (either in a mousse, airbrush spray or lotion form) or salon spray tan solution uses an argan oil formula with triple moisture lock technology for an easily applied, long-lasting, smooth tan.


To ensure your bronzed-glow keeps going the distance through the week, top up with MoroccanTan Glow 2 in 1 Extender. Apply the evening before to continually wake up with the perfect tan all through the week.

All day makeup

Trackside style means a chic clutch and that leaves barely any room for your whole makeup kit. Avoid touchups by applying a silicone-based primer to your visage before you apply foundation for an all-day hold. Also worth the investment: a makeup setting spray to seal your look in place before you head out. However, if you have a naturally oily skin, invest in some blotting papers that can be easily stashed into your purse (or your partner’s suit pockets!).

Mani + Pedi

Get some salon time in before you hit the track. Choose a light, pastel shade on tips and toes that’ll either sync in with your race wear or pop against it. Opt for a gel manicure that can be applied and cured a few days before ticks the upkeep right off your list so you’ll be set to party all week.

Easy-chic hair

You’re not going to have time to check your wefts are in place and your curls are holding up against the wind as the horses fly by, you need a style that’ll keep you grandstand-ready all day. Adapting a cute, spring-fresh braid style is so apt for sunny afternoon cocktails and will hold up long after the last bets have been taken.