It’s the perfect professional tan I have used. Love the colour ♡
Joanne Harrison

No matter what colour I use on clients, it is always flawless. I get my boyfriend to spray tan me (beauty therapist never gets any treatments!) and he can’t even give me a bad spray tan with Moroccan!
Melissa Trew

soooo natural wears well smells great
Vermont South Beauty (Kirstie’s Beauty Services)

amazing colours. clients luv it x
Julie Bunten

The great feedback I get from clients about the way it sits on their skin and how the colour is perfect. From someone with a fair complexion to someone with a dark complexion. This is the best product I’ve ever used. Would recommend to anyone
Harley Somerville

Amazing colour so easy to wear thanks …
Melanie Cazzulino

Its perfection.
Stephanie Allsop

Love the natural tan it gives me like I’ve been on a summer holiday
Verena Schmidt

Its to die for
Kristy Spiteri

It’s definitely the most Devine morrocalicious tan ever…… Love it
Applies perfectly
Wears off well
Smells lovely
It always looks great on!!!
Tia Bentley

I love that it Australian made, organic and argon oil based. Also, minimal stickiness afterwards
Body & Sole Beauty At Uni Hair & Beauty

Love how its gentle on the skin, leaves skin feeling so soft and healthy. Such a beautiful natural tan colour.
Never had a problem with any of the Moroccan tan products.
Meagan Wilson

The colour looks like I’ve just stepped off the beach in the Greek islands!!! Sigh……..
Josephine Mazzotta

I never have found a tanning solution that was matched to my skin type.
I turned to solariums instead….. Until I used a moroccan purple base tanning solution.
I have one word
Would never use any other brand
Amber Thomson

The best tan I’ve used full stop!
Every other one makes me go orange.
Rebekah Burkhalter

Favourite tan ever! No orange, no streaks (my cat could even give me the perfect spray tan with Moroccan tan ). Ive been waiting for a bronzer to come out in the black range for ages
Katie Hume

The colour goes without saying! But the best thing about moroccantan is the fade off is spectacular! All my clients love how evenly the tan eventually fades off, no patches
Amy-sheree Jackway

Absolutely amazing beautiful colour , quick drying gives a look fron natural light to natural dark . My clients love it!
Kate Longfellow

Loving your wide variety of % and choice for clients. Coco is my new fav!
Angela Sanchez

the best tan ever – gives perfect results every time! love it
Christine Brown

I ♡ Moroccan Tan for all of the above reasons!! Its just soooo natural looking & flawless
Joanne Mensforth

LOVE, LOVE,LOVE, Moroccan , especially DUSK, it’s as if I’ve gone on a European holiday it’s an amazing colour ! My clients will never get any other but Moroccan tan:))
Suzi Mircevski

I do not turn orange! (It makes it easier to tell people that I have been chasing summer all year ’round instead of being in Melbourne’s winter!) xxx
Danielle Tabacchiera

I love that Moroccan tan has great violet base tan, looks amazing on my olive skin and I love the compliments I get while wearing my Moroccan tan
Vanessa Murray

Morroccan tan products are very hydrating . Your skin looks flawless and its a beaut olive colour. Never had a disappointed client . A1 in my salon . Love it !
Rosanna Gattone Hausfeld

Janelle Ihlow

I LERVE Moroccan Tans consistency! No matter the tan colour chosen, or retail product recommended – its the right choice! Glamazon Beauty ‘s Moroccan Tan
Karen Tomic

That is a beautiful natural looking bronzed colour. Nights is my very favorite.
Kate Saynor

It’s a radiant natural colour that you can control and if you keep it maintained you can wear it for weeks on end
Jaimee-Lee Booth

Me and clients go crazy for the purple base tan it’s so natural looking doesn’t streak nor go smelly and doesn’t go patchy when it’s wearing off! I love not having to wake up sticky and also love that it’s actually good for my skin u like other spray tans
Liv Rodgers

What DONT i love about this product!!! Gorgeous product!!
Ruby Winkler

Would love to try after reading everyone’s glowing reviews on this product
Kellie Neal

Flawless every time!!
Krystle Walker

amazing tanning products!! amazing colour results! absolutely love it ♡
Danielle Bridge

The colour is flawless and the smell is AH-mazing!
Shayne Claire Musgrove

It’s just perfect
Tania Moulas

The dry rather then sticky feeling afrer a morroccon tan spray tan, my clients love it
Tracey Morley

Yes please live the way it makes my skin feel and look
Nicole Geering

the only tan that sprays great looks great doesnt smell to bad like others just a great product i recomend it to other beauty therapist
Kristy Redmond

Moroccan Tan is beautiful. The Solutions and retail products compliment all skin tones giving peoples skin and mine a natural colour. The smell I love also.
Veta Lazaridis

I love that it’s so natural
Mel Banks

Colour is beautiful, fades evenly, looks great on everybody! Just a beautiful and real product x
Elise Jayne Belmore

Everything, every client has a positive compliment, love the product and end result
Rachel Anna Fewins

It’s Quick to dry & gives a perfect bronze tan. Definitely my favourite
Lucy Rainbird

I love Moroccan Tan simply because YOUR AMAZING xx
Kay Peta

It makes the skin look flawless
Louise O’Mara