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If you’re looking for superior quality and luxurious spray tanning supplies that produce perfect results and create plenty of opportunities for in-store upsells, then you need to know about MoroccanTan. We have an array of sample packs to choose from to help you select the right tanning solutions for your salon. And what’s not to love? Our spray tanning supplies are vegan, cruelty free and made with ethically sourced ingredients that deliver nourishment to the skin. Why would you get your professional tanning supplies from anywhere else? View details on our range of wholesale professional

Professional Tanning Products – The Originals

The original collection is a plant-based formulation that offers a range of DHA percentages to suit different skin types. Whether you’re working with skin that’s normal to oily, or dryer in texture, we have professional spray tan products that can accommodate all skin types for the best results. Look out for our spray tan kits and sample products for easy upsells and marketing solutions to grow your business. Our original collection professional spray tan solutions includes:

    MoroccanGold 2-Hour 8% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanGold 2-Hour 8% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanOriginal 2-hour 10% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanOriginal 2-hour 10% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanBronze 2-hour 12% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanBronze 2-hour 12% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanCoco 2-Hour 14% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanCoco 2-hour 14% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanOriginal Collection Sample Pack
    MoroccanTan Best Of Summer Sample Pack
    MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

Spray Tanning Supplies – The Exotic Collection

For a violet based solution with a deep bronzed hue, try our Exotic collection within our professional spray tan products, this range includes:

    MoroccanTan Exotic Collection Sample Pack
    MoroccanNights 1-Hour 15% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanNights 1-Hour 15% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanDusk 2-Hour 11% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanDusk 2-hour 11% DHA 1 Litre – 3 Pack
    MoroccanTan Best Of Summer Sample Pack
    MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

Professional Spray Tan Solutions – Accelerated

When there’s no time to spare, choose from our award-winning range of plant-based spray tan solutions that are consciously made with a range of sustainably sourced natural and organic ingredients that your clients will love. Experience the range:

    MoroccanTan Accelerated 30-minute 16% DHA 1 Litre
    MoroccanTan Tanners Choice Sample Pack

We’re Here to Help at MoroccanTan

At MoroccanTan, we’re always thinking of innovative ways we can support our professional clientele. We offer an extensive range of kits and sample packs so your clients can experience a variety of products. We also offer top of the range spray tan equipment to ensure you achieve the perfect result every time. Our range of salon support such as our counter display marketing solutions assists with natural and effortless upsells. Check out our range of professional salon supplies that we have to offer, browse online to view our range. Buy easily and conveniently from our online shop today!

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  • Elevate Customisable Tan 1 Litre

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  • MoroccanTan – Moroccan Nights 1 hour 15% DHA 1 Litre

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  • Spraytan Masterclass

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