What Acne Breakouts Really Mean

by | Apr 6, 2021

Always getting conjested in the same area of your face? Ever considered Face Mapping? Before you ask, let us answer your question. Chinese facial mapping or ‘Mien Shiang’ means to read the face. Eastern medicine practitioners strongly believe that there is a correlation between our internal organs and the different zones of our face. It combines ancient Chinese Medicine with dermatology and suggests the imbalances (impurities/acne/skin reactions) will appear on our faces accordingly.

While Western practitioners are sceptical, there is no denying that the monthlies, diet and lifestyle factors can influence our skin’s appearance. So let’s  break down what each blemished zone of the face indicates:

Zone 1 & 3 (Above the Brow)– Troubled area above the brows indicate a need to improve your diet and drink more water. This area correlates with your immune system, so you may notice some blemishes here around the time you have had a cold or flu.

Zone 2 (Between The Brows)– This can be caused by overindulging in unhealthy foods or a can also result from a food allergy. This zone is a reflection of your liver. Cutting back on dairy, sugar and alcohol and can help improve the appearance of these problem areas.

Zone 4 & 10 (Ears) –Are your ears feeling warm/hot? This zone is a synonymous with your kidneys. Keep yourself hydrated and try your best to cut down on liquids such as coffee/alcohol/fizzy drinks which may be dehydrating you.

Zone 5 & 9 (Cheeks) –This particular zone represents your respiratory system. Smokers generally suffer from broken capillaries in this area. Breathing in polluted air may also result in breakouts here.

Zone 6 & 8 (Eye Area) – Thisarea also represents your kidneys. Dark circles under the eye can be caused by dehydration. Drink up and replenish!

Zone 7 (Nose) –This zone is a reflection of your heart. A reddened nose can indicate heightened blood pressure, poor diet and indigestion.

Zone 12 (Chin) –Consider adding fibre to your diet. This zone correlates with your stomach. Reduce your toxin intake, and consume more herbal teas that will aid in digestion. Premenstrual breakouts can also occur in this area sporadically.

Zone 11 & 13 (Sides of the Chin)– This area primarily relates to your hormones. Breakouts often occur on either or both sides. Up your intake on water and leafy greens which may help reduce the appearance of acne.

Zone 14 (Neck) –The chin area correlates with illness.  Breakouts in this area could indicate your adrenal glands are overworked or that you are stressed. Take a breather, relax and recoup!