by | Apr 1, 2021

With more than 20 years experience, Tre Dallas is a go-to for celebrities all over Australia and now he spill the secrets of achieving the perfect glow…

I want to take some time to talk about self tanning as it’s a part of my job and is in everyone’s world! Shooting summer campaigns in winter makes things a whole lot easier for stylists and make up artists like me, when a good self tanning product is in demand. I’ve used lots of brands in the past but Moroccan Tan is my go-to. The colour is flawless, and blends well within your skin tone to achieve the most natural looking colour possible, within a convenient time span!

If you’re fair or dark like me there are a range of products which would suit your lifestyle and skin. People with colour get on board – I’ve been using self tanning on my skin for years, just didn’t tell anyone. When I do tell someone I was using self tanning they would say ‘ but you’re dark already’.

The reason why i use it, it evens my skin tone and with Moroccan Tan they have added organic Argan Oil to their formula which gives my skin that holiday and red carpet glow. And who wouldn’t want that.

Everybody know the process – exfoliate, spray, set and moisturise. But sometimes the tan doesn’t end up as even as expected or as clean.

TIP: Skin has layers, and to achieve an even tan and ensure that all skin follicles are even we must prep and prime the body!

When cleansing and exfoliating the skin, sometimes you may not realise the harshness of the product makes the skin irritated and peel, and is not hydrating and protecting it at the same time. Moroccan Tan has come up with a solution to achieve skin that is smooth like a baby’s bottom! Argan Oil, a skin hydrate which gives you a youthful glow.

– Rosehip Oil, which calms dry skin with natural fatty acids

– Raspberry Seed Oil, which is a natural lubricant and provides moisture retention in the skin

– Organic Aloe vera, everyone’s favourite as it rejuvenates and softens skin

Moroccan Tan is actually my daily body cleanser as it’s safe to use daily and extremely good for the skin.

Another important tool and step is to prime the skin…think of it like putting on a foundation. To get a good base you must prime. MoroccanPrimer is designed to prep the skin prior to tanning as it takes away the excess dead skin cells! Apply this the night before and buff the skin. The Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera will protect the skin from premature ageing and improve the appearance of fine lines (reduces a scaly tan)

Now that you have prepped and primed your skin, it’s time for the tan.

The instant tan comes in three different packaging and textures. However all of them will help to soften and moisturise the skin whilst delivering a bronze tan.

1. Instant Tanning Lotion – I love the lotion because the colour appears immediately and the full colour will develop within 2-4 hours. Apply with a mitt – on shoots to save time I would apply the tanning lotion on the model and do their makeup and hair while they’re standing up…by the time I finish hair and makeup the tanning would be fully developed.

2. Instant Tanning Mousse – has the same result as the lotion, lots of my clients and friends prefer the mousse over the lotion. I think it comes down to what texture you like…for me I like the lotion over the mousse. I think the mousse and the sounds that it makes trigger a memory of me putting a half of a can of mousse in my hair before i went out! Hmmm not a good look or memory!

3. Instant Airbrush Spray – this is the quickest way to apply tan, it’s like a spray gun in a can. The 360 nozzle, allows easy and quick application from all angles. A great one to take away with you when you’re travelling.


Always start off with a light coat of the product and then build.

Test patch it to see how much  the colour develops on your skin.

I find on knees and elbows – one light coat is fine.

Spray your hands once when it’s flat then the second time when your hands are doing the bear claw so the tan will get to your angles.

If you’re finding this overwhelming head to the MoroccanTan salon locator and find your nearest tanning salon and get it done professionally.