The Key Benefits of Argan Oil

by | Apr 6, 2021

March 5, 2013

Argan oil is also called the “miracle oil from Morocco” due to its wide array of uses and advantages. The oil is very rare, found only in Morocco, and sparsely in Israel and Algeria. Its limited production has made it highly priced, but its innumerous benefits have made its popularity increase immensely. The benefits of argan oil were discovered by the Berber women centuries ago, who would use it to nourish and protect their skin and hair. At present, it has become a magnificent ingredient in various cosmetic products around the world.

With extremely high amounts of vitamin E and fatty acids (80% approximately), various skin ailments are healed and premature aging is visibly prevented. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant which fights free radicals gathered on the skin’s surface. It also moisturizes the skin and prevents wrinkles and crow’s feet from forming at early ages.

Argan oil benefits the skin’s metabolism, creating sterolins that help to reduce inflammation and aid in promoting exceptional moisture retention in the skin. Argan oil benefits also include vitamin A, which helps to soften dry skin, and give your a hydrating glow.

The oil is non-greasy and it easily absorbs into the skin when massaged at any time of the day. It is also useful in removing stretch marks formed during the stages pregnancy. Argan oil should be used after showering every morning as a daily moisturizer as it can be the perfect ailment for dry skin.

But the benefits of argan oil don’t just stop at the skin! The oil can also be used for massaging into the hair to act as a conditioner. It should be used before going to bed on the scalp and washed in the morning. The oil can also be used on damp hair and on dry ends for nourishment and shine. It has become an eminent ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners.

Argan oil heals coiled, broken and dry hair. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids found in the argan oil benefits the hair by working to effectively strengthen the protein bonding structures of the hair roots and pores. In addition, the vitamin E in the oil acts as an agent for hair treatment as it renews and repairs hair damage by destructive hairstyling agents.

Argan oil also helps to cure brittle hair that has been treated with color and dyes. To see the benefits of argan oil, it should be applied before or after taking a bath, starting from the tips and then to the roots. It should be massaged gently into the scalp and then the hair should be combed.