Moroccan Tan Wash and Wear Times

by | Apr 6, 2021

The MoroccanTan team are often asked one question in particular: How long can the spray tan solution be kept on the skin until it is washed off?

While we recommend clients not to sleep in a rapid tan, there still are those cheeky few that insist on doing so because they like the end result.

It is important to keep in mind though that no two skin types/tones are the same and results may vary from person to person. The reason for recommended wash and wear times is because performance and results are subject to skin type; leaving a solution on for longer may result in over development.

MoroccanTan encourages spot testing when it comes to experimenting with wash and wear times. So let’s break it down and run through a guide of each formula in the range, discussing the minimum and maximum times that each can be left on the skin.

Original Collection

MoroccanTan Gold 8% DHA 2 Hour Rapid Tan

The lightest natural colour, moroccanGold is the perfect choice for weddings, that special day or anyone wanting a natural golden glow during the colder months. MoroccanGold is perfect for fair skin types and can be left on the skin from 2-8 hours.

MoroccanTan Original 10% DHA 2 Hour Rapid Tan

Perfect for all skin types, moroccanOriginal is the ideal choice for a medium bronzed look. Infused with Argan oil, the flawless, streak-free spray tan helps hydrate the skin, making your tan last longer.  MoroccanOriginal can be left on the skin from 2-8 hours.

MoroccanTan Bronze 12% DHA 2 Hour Rapid Tan

The all natural, Argan oil infused moroccanBronze gives you the deepest darkest olive colour, perfect for Mediterranean skin (olive complexion). MoroccanBronze can be left on the skin from 2-6 hours.

Exotic Collection

MoroccanTan Dusk 11% DHA 4 Hour Rapid Tan

MoroccanDusk achieves a deep exotic tan. Thanks to all the nourishing goodies in the Exotic Range there is a lower chance of overdevelopment which gives you more time to play with. MoroccanDusk can be left on the skin from 4-8 hours.

MoroccanTan Nights 15% DHA 1 Hour Rapid Tan

Perfect for those with an olive complexion, moroccanNights achieves the deepest and darkest exotic tan. It includes enhanced violet bronzers with added moisture and firming technology for a longer lasting tan. MoroccanNights can be left on the skin from 1-5 hours.

Always ensure to use the recommended MoroccanTan colour for your skin type and remember to spot test first!