Is Your Salon Covid Safe?

by | Apr 1, 2021

With the current Covid-19 health crisis, it is absolutely imperative to have a comprehensive plan in place to keep your business safe and virus free. Maintaining high standards of hygiene should already be normal practice for most salons. However, during these current uncertain times and beyond, it is vital to develop additional enhanced hygiene measures to ensure your business can adapt to ongoing restrictions and government guidelines.

With this in mind, it is imperious to continue with excellent salon hygiene, but also have a plan in place that outlines how to prepare your workplace to protect both staff and clients from infection. This plan includes your response if there is a Covid-19 case and how your business will recover.

Education is key, so staying up to date on guidelines from reputable sources like the Department of Health or your State Government will ensure you are meeting the latest requirements. Being armed will the current information helps you to communicate clearly and confidently with your clients about new salon procedures and sanitation steps. These measures will not only ensure your business continues to run effectively but will also protect the health and safety of your clients

Safety In Salon

– Provide a Hand Sanitiser like sml batch and ask clients to apply to their hands upon entering your salon. The sml batch collection is a great range that effectively kills harmful bacteria and germs and also works to nourish the skin. This premium range of natural, plant-based hand sanitisers can also be retailed to clients to help protect them 24/7.

– Thoroughly wash hands, MoroccanCleanse is a great product use as a hand wash that thoroughly cleanses your hands, without drying the skin.

– Sanitise high touch points frequently; EFT terminals, door handles, benchtops, bathrooms.

– Wear a face mask at all times. sml batch offers an effective mask that both salon staff and clients can wear.

– Avoid touching your nose, face and mouth.

– Ensure staff and clients are following good respiratory hygiene; always cough or sneeze into your arm or a tissue, disposing of used tissues immediately. Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds afterwards.

– When confirming appointments make your client aware that if they are unwell, they will be required to re-book until a later date.

– Implement temperature checks upon entering premises, to ensure no staff or clients have a fever.

– Use social media channels and you client database to communicate changes and updated policy and procedures.

– Stay informed and follow the latest advice about COVID-19.
Nationwide TAFEs and Registered Training Organisations are offering free short accredited training to help customer-facing employees identify and manage the ongoing risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) infections.

This course will support businesses to reopen safely and ensure their customers and workforce are protected. The course is not mandatory for businesses to reopen; however, employers are encouraged to enrol their staff for the training.

Below are some additional tools to help get you started with creating your COVID Safe Plan:



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