How to Use Argan Oil in Different Ways

by | Apr 6, 2021

Argan oil uses isn’t referred to as the “miracle oil” for no reason, in fact, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst the beauty industry for its wide range of benefits!

Argan oil is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is found mainly in Morocco. In the past, the Berber women of Morocco used it as a beauty agent by pressing the nuts of the argan tree fruits. The oil was then used on their hair, skin, and as a bath regime. It was also used for culinary and medicinal purposes.

Recently, this legendary oil has created a stir in the cosmetic industry, containing rich amounts of vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids, carotenoids, sterols, polyphenols, ferulic acid, and squalene. These powerful elements aid in healing the skin, reducing inflammation, and fighting free radicals. The simple way on how to use argan oil is applying it to the dry areas of the skin, hair or nails.

Argan oil is purely organic, carrying anti-aging properties that help repair damaged hair, reduce wrinkles, eliminates acne, heal dry skin or rashes, and diminishes the appearance of age spots. It creates a barrier against sun damage too. It conditions everything from split ends to the nail cuticles!

The various argan oil uses include:

Moisturising and Healing the Skin

Wondering where’s the best place to start? The best way on how to use argan oil is on the skin! With it’s beneficial properties it helps to restore the skin and leave it feeling soft and fresh. By applying just a few drops of argan oil to the face and massaging it gently, it works as a freshening moisturizer on flaky skin. Other argan oil uses over the skin include reducing wrinkles, removing age spots, and putting an end to acne. Argan oil massaged over stretch marks formed in pregnancy will also help to restore the elasticity of the skin and remove the marks.

Nourishing the Hair

Argan oil strengthens your hair as it penetrates the roots and nourishes them with rich nutritional components. Argan oil uses on the hair include elimination of split ends, moisturizing of the scalp, and conditioning of frizzy hair. The oil can be used before and after washing the hair for effective results. It prevents dandruff and cures irritation on the scalp.

Strengthening the Nails

Argan oil repairs weak, cracked, breakable and out of shape nails. The best way to apply argan oil on nails is by mixing it with lemon juice. This mixture gives strength to nails and makes them smooth.

Culinary Purposes

Argan oil uses extend to cooking as well as it carries a delicious nutty flavour. It is used for dipping bread, over couscous, and as a dressing on salads. It can also be used as paste to apply over bread – like peanut butter – when mixed with roasted almonds.

Medicinal Uses

Consumption of argan oil has proven to prevent various cancers. Its consumption also reduces cholesterol and prevents obesity. Research shows it removes cardiovascular diseases as well. The oil contains sterols, which reduces inflammation and blocks cholesterol absorption. Argan oil uses in medicine also include its aid in digestion as it increases the level of pepsin in the gastric juices of the stomach.