Beauty Myths Busted

by | Apr 6, 2021

Beauty Myths Busted

Nowadays there are so many misconceptions about what is and isn’t true when it comes down to beauty myths.  So we thought it was time to break them down and determine which ones are factual and which ones are old wives tales .

Toothpaste helps clear pimples. FALSE! Over time the fluoride in toothpaste could actually aggravate the skin and make the irritate the problem area.

Additional coats will make my spray tan develop darker. FALSE! Additional coats are unnecessary and is essentially wasting your product. The tan may appear to look darker when spraying, when in actual fact all that is happening is a build up of cosmetic bronzer. Once the active ingredient is applied it reacts with the proteins in the skin. If the client is wanting a darker colour they can either choose a darker spray tan solution (with a higher percentage of DHA) or increase their wash and wear time.

Sleeping on your stomach causes wrinkles. TRUE! Sleeping on our stomach can cause sleep lines that are resulted from pressure. Over time these pressure lines can become more permanent.

Wearing a hair tie damages your hair. TRUE! Wearing hair ties can cause strain and potentially damage the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.  Always try to avoid tying your hair up in the same position.

It is possible for pores to shrink. FALSE! Unfortunately it is not possible to shrink pores. On the plus side, there are plenty of products out on the market which can assist in reducing the appearance of pores.

Shaving causes the hair to grow back darker and thicker. FALSE! Shaving the hair is just cutting the end, so it actually has no effect on the root of the hair or the colour it.Shaved hair may look different but this is because the ends of the hair are blunt.

Crossing your legs will cause spider veins. FALSE! This can be caused by standing for lengthy amounts of time. It is also something that can be hereditary.

You should wash your hair everyday. FALSE! Washing your hair excessively can actually strip your scalp of all the healthy nutrients that the hair needs to stay strong and shiny.

It doesn’t matter which way you file your nails. FALSE! Always file your nail in the same direction. Filing in both directions can actually lead to breakage.

Wearing nail polish will turn your nails yellow. TRUE! Like skin, our nails also need oxygen to stay healthy and strong. Yellow nails are a result of the chemicals found within nail polish staining them.